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Yareli is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the founder and creator of MommyandMe.Fit and Mindfulness In The Classroom. 

Certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained in Compassion Cultivation Training by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, Yareli serves as a coach, speaker, meditation instructor, Kundalini yoga instructor, and expert in integrative and holistic wellness modalities. 

With MommyandMe.Fit, Yareli aims to help communities navigate the complexities of living a healthy lifestyle while managing the responsibilities of work, school, and family. Through her guidance and the contributions of expert coaches, yoga teachers, and meditation instructors, Yareli hopes to provide busy mom's (and dad's) an opportunity to cultivate healthier lifestyle habits in a simple, manageable, and effective way.


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Lineth is a bilingual Yoga Teacher who was first introduced to yoga in her native Costa Rica. Lineth specializes in teaching gentle yoga, which is a great alternative for kids, new moms, and family members recovering from injuries. In addition to the charisma and grace you'll experience during her yoga classes, Lineth also brings her beautiful guided mediations to mommyandme.fit.


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