Mindful Teens Pop-UP

Mindful Teens Pop-UP


The Mindful Teens pop-up program is perfect for small groups, sports teams, and social clubs. The program's goal is to teach and encourage teens to use mindfulness meditation as a tool for success. Studies have shown that in addition to improving math and science scores, mindfulness meditation also fosters creativity, compassion, self-awareness, confidence, as well as behavioral and cognitive development. 

In addition to teaching and practicing mindfulness meditation in an uplifting, social setting on a weekly basis, teens will also have the opportunity to engage in positive conversations that promote growth, change, and camaraderie in their community. 

If you're a parent, coach or school administrator seeking Mindful Teen Pop-Up's for your group, please email hello@mommyandme.fit for a free consultation and program overview. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon! 


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